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Tai Chi Quan: The most practiced martial art in the world

          Exercise, Improve Balance, Improve Flexibility, Reduce Pain


      TC4Forms is our all age program and most comprehensive class. Classes include Tai Chi-based exercises, weapon and barehand forms, Qigong, theory, applications, Taoism, and meditation.

Who is it for?

      Any one of any age who wants to learn Tai Chi in depth.
      (We are not currenlty offering our TC4HB (Seniors) classes.)

Class Format:

      - Meet and Greet Classmates
      - Warm-ups
      - Fundamental Exercises
      - Lesson
      - Forms
      - MAI Qigong Deep Breathing Set
      - Wrap Up/Mat Talk
      - Advanced Class


      When, Where, & How to sign up? Go to Schedule for all the details.


      What to wear? What to bring? Go to FAQs for more information.