TC4Core - Tai Chi Fundamental Exercises

What is TC4Core?

Every skill has its fundamental exercises and drills. Whether it is scales or six arm postures, shuttles or foundation footwork. To become good at anything, you must first learn the fundamentals.

TC4Core is a set of exercises that teach those fundamental skills.

Some of it is practicing pieces of the postures - like just the arms for Brush Knee Twisting Step or just the stepping pattern in White Crane Spreads Wings.

Some of it is body conditioning - like T-feet to improve stepping or waist turning arm slap to learn unified body movement.

All of it improves your Tai Chi skills, speeds learning AND of all... improves your health, strength and balance.

Click here for more information on the health benefits.

TC4Core Components:
- Warm Ups
- Sixteen rotating sets of fundamental exercises and skills
- MAI Deep Breathing

How can I use TC4Core?    It's like Open Source Tai Chi

Students - Speed your learning, improve your skills
Practice the TC4Core exercises as part of your Tai Chi practice to improve your Tai Chi skills and make learning and doing forms easier and better.
Download and print the lesson plans to use as practice sheets.
Lessons 1-8
Lessons 9-16
Or buy the TC4Core Practice DVD.
The two disc set has four total classes which contain all of the exercises in the TC4Core. It also has the seated strength and self massage components from TC4HB our seniors program.

Teachers - Watch your students learn in leaps and bounds
Add all or some of the TC4Core exercises to your current program. Your forms combined with the TC4Core exercises makes a complete and through program with rotating exercises to keep it fresh
See our TC4Forms section for an example of how we do it.
Cost? $0. We like to share.

Program Directors - Create unique and effective programs using TC4Core components.

Use some or all of the TC4Core exercises to create your own programs to meet the specific needs of your group.

A perfect example. One of our instructors, Amanda, took several of the exercises from TC4Core that were particularly helpful for people that do weaving. She combined them into a routine and created Tai Chi 4 Weavers.

Cost? $0. We like to share.