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Andrew "the Tai Chi Guy" Baker - Program Director, Head Instructor

Andrew has been teaching Tai Chi since 2004. He is a long term Tai Chi practioner and advocate as well as an experienced adult educator.

With the help of fellow MAI'ers he created the MAI curriculum, TC4Core, and several of the forms.

He started using the name "the Tai Chi guy" because when he would call folks did not recognize him by name. One day he got a card addressed just to "the Tai Chi guy" so he put two and two together and now folks know who he is when he calls in.
Coach Andrew

Chloe Pittinos - Instructor

Chloe is in the final stages of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor and wrapping up her 18-year decorative painting business, Patinas.

In addition to doing Tai Chi for nearly 20 years, Chloe enjoys hiking and mushroom hunting.
Coach Chloe

Amanda Robinette - Instructor

Amanda has been practicing Tai Chi since 2008 and teaching for MAI since 2013.

She is also a weaver specializing in sakiori, a historical Japanese form of rag weaving for garments.

By making connections between Tai Chi and weaving, Amanda developed Tai Chi for Weavers (TC4W), a workshop designed to help weavers address ergonomic and repetitive stress issues due to the physical nature of their work. Amanda currently teaches both sakiori and TC4W workshops at a local handweaving school.

Visit her website to learn more.
Coach Amanda

Kevin Heller - Assistant Instructor

Kevin is a student and practioner of Tai Chi, and has been so for 8 years. As an advanced student he assists Coach Andrew teaching forms in a number of classes.

Kevin is a Licensed Professional Counselor/ Play therapist, working specificlly with children and families, in practice for 24 years. He has utilized some of the simpler concepts of Tai Chi into his practice.
Coach Kevin

Karen Ruch - Assistant Instructor

Karen has been a Tai Chi practitioner since 2008. She has experienced the benefits of tai chi in many of her other pursuits including horseback riding and fencing.

Karen also works frequently in Central PA regional theatre. She has been seen on and off stage with Gamut Theatre, Open Stage of Harrisburg and Theatre of the Seventh Sister.
Coach Karen

Steve Gray - Group Leader, Photographer

Steve started practicing Tai Chi in 2006 to help with stiffness and nerve impingement due to osteoarthritis. Today, he enjoys greater flexibility and significantly reduced pain.

Steve works as a Continuous Improvement Analyst, and he also runs his own business as a part-time professional photographer.

He is the photographer behind the imagery on this site.
Coach Steve

Karl Ledebohm - Group Leader

Coach Karl

Marjorie Wech - Group Leader

Coach Marjorie