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Movement Arts Insitute began in the spring of 2004 when Andrew Baker teamed with the West Shore Recreation Commission to offer MAI Tai Chi classes. They quickly added new partners and currently teach in multiple locations throughout Cumberland County, PA.

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Working with the students and fellow instructors, Andrew Baker created the TC4 series of programs using elements from his Tai Chi education as well as elements from his time in physical therapy.

The TC4 series consists of the TC4Core component which is a rotating set of lessons that include warm-ups, Tai Chi fundamental exercises, and the MAI deep breathing routine to provide a consistent and clear way to master Tai Chi skills.

In the TC4Forms/All Age program, the TC4Core component is combined with a variety of forms, Qigong, theory, and meditations. In TC4HB/Seniors the TC4Core component is combined with a seated strength and flexibility component.

Movement Arts Institute created several of the forms they teach in order to provide a step-by-step path for people to start and continue their Tai Chi learning.

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