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We Film New Classes.

Every two weeks we shoot four classes so you get the latest material and current extras.

Each class lasts between 45-55 minutes.

We record 2-3 weeks prior to when the episode will play to keep current with birthdays, milestones and shout outs.

Camera Person
We Mail You a DVD.

Straight to your door and several days before you need them.

Every two weeks (twenty four total mailings) we mail you DVDs with 4 classes on it (96 total episodes).

On the "off" mailing cycles you can re-play an older episode.

DVD flying into mailbox
Pop it in. Push Play.

Voila! You have four Tai Chi Exercise Classes.

The best way to implement the TC4HB program is with two classes per week.

Each delivery has 4 classes for two weeks of twice a week classes.

Putting DVD into player.

TC4HB Trailer

Participant Testimonials

How it stays fresh and interesting:

There's a reason you don't just buy a Tai Chi video and pop it in twice a week...... it's boring . Nothing changes, the narrator says the same thing, the material stays the same...there's nothing new.

TC4HB By Video classes change EACH WEEK.

Each Week the exercises rotate - just enough to stay fresh and still let you get comfortable with them. There are also special lesson plans from time to time.

Each week there is a new special feature. Some weeks we work on doing the exercises better. Some weeks we talk about what they do. Other weeks it's health lesson or special location or special guest star - like Chloe and Andrew's dog - Hendy. We even do a healthy cooking segment a few times a year.

On top of that there's the river... The mighty Susquehanna River. Participants will be able to watch the changing seasons and frequent wildlife as a backdrop. The studio is located 50 feet from the shore of the Susquehanna River just below the famous Rockville Bridge - the longest stone and masonry arch railroad viaduct in the world.

Best way to understand is to get a FREE DEMO and see what it's like.

TC4HB Class using video
TC4HB Class by Video.
TGV Studio
Studio by the Susquehanna River.


Regular Subscription

Annual subscription = $1060

Quarterly billing available.

Pay What You Can (PWYC) & Reduced Fee

MAI is partnering with Healthy Program Providers to provide the content for their Reduced Fee and Pay What You Can programs.

Go to their website for more information and to apply for subsidized payment options.

Federal funding qualified. Tai Chi 4 Health and Balance (TC4HB) is certified in the Federal Administration on Aging's Title IIID program as an "evidence-based program at the minimal level criteria".

Ready? Request a free full, length Demo Class.

Or review and print the contract.

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Do you have a seated version? Is this a seated program?

TC4HB can be done by standing or seated participants. The video shows both the seated and standing version of an exercise side by side when a seated example is necessary.

What am I getting/buying?

You are buying a subscription to the TC4HB by Video program. TC4HB or Tai Chi 4 Health & Balance is an evidence-based physical education program that has qualified for the Administration on Agingís Title IIID program as an "evidence-based program at the minimal level criteria".

You are buying Tai Chi classes. You are not buying DVDs. Specifically, you are buying a physical education program that is presented in distance learning format. Current delivery method of the distance learning program is by DVD.

This is an important distinction both in how the program works and your abilities to fund the program. If you are requesting funding, you should make your request for an ongoing service (classes) not a physical item (DVDs).

How does it work?

With an active subscription you can offer the TC4HB by Video program to participants at the location named in the subscription as often as you want and when you want.

You will be provided with 4 new classes every two weeks Ė two classes per week. Every year you will get 24 mailings or 96 total classes. The CDCís recommendations for Tai Chi are two classes per week and a total of 70 hours per year.

Each week the exercises rotate and there is a new special feature such as a health lesson, special guest or location and the occasional healthy cooking segment.

Classes are delivered on two regular DVDs Ė one DVD with two classes on it for each week. DVDís are standard definition (non-bluray, not High Definition), NTSC (North American Standard), 5.25" Digital Video Disk (DVD).

DVDs will be mailed by United States Postal Service's standard mail every two weeks except for the mailings covering the weeks of Christmas/New Yearís and June 30-July 4.

How many times can I play the materials and where can I play them?

You can play the classes as many times as you like as long as you have a subscription and you are only playing them at the location named in your application.

You may play the materials in multiple locations/rooms within the facility listed on the subscription.

You may NOT publicly play or broadcast the material in any way that would allow someone not physically at the address listed in the subscription to view it even if they are members of your organization.

You may NOT duplicate the materials for any reason.

You may NOT publicly play/broadcast the DVDs or their content without a subscription or after ending a subscription.

Do I have to send the DVDs back, Netflix style?

No. When you end your subscription you must destroy, delete, dispose of or render the materials unusable. You may NOT give away any of the materials. Movement Arts Institute Inc. retains ownership of the content and all materials related to the program, including the DVDs.

What happens if the DVD gets lost or damaged in the mail?

You should open your mailer immediately and verify the disc is undamaged. Millions of DVDs make it through the mail every week but occasionally things happen.

You should open your mailer immediately and verify the disc is undamaged. Millions of DVDs make it through the mail every week but occasionally things happen.

If your DVD is damaged, notify us immediately and we will send a replacement by United States Priority Mail. If the DVD does not come in time for your class you may re-play a previous installment and save the replacement DVD for one of the periods we donít mail. There is no refund for lost or damaged installments that have been replaced.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a TV connected to a standard DVD player (Blu-Ray is NOT needed) or any device such as a game console that can play a standard (non blu-ray) DVD. You will also need one chair per participant. We strongly recommend a TV greater than 40Ē. The larger the screen the easier it will be for participants to see.

How do I set up the room?

If you have a choice for how to set the room up, wider is generally better than longer for viewing purposes. You should leave the centermost position in the first row empty of chairs.

How many people will come?

Class size varies with the size of the organization and the size of the room. Generally class size will range from 5-8 participants in a small organization, 8-12 participants in medium and 12+ in large organizations.

Classes that regularly get attendance greater than 15 people should consider offering the class at multiple times. There is NO extra charge for playing the materials more than once.

Overcrowded rooms discourage attendance. If the participants feel that there is not enough room to move or the participants cannot easily see the screen, some stop coming.

How do I get them to come?

You can do any kind of marketing such as newsletters, signs, word of mouth and announcements at your facility. You will be provided with logos and related materials to use.

Can I charge?

We do NOT regulate or have policy forbidding charging for attendance. It is up to your organizationís policy and the laws regulating you to determine what and if you may charge for a program offered at your center. Most of our current organizations ask for a voluntary $2 donation.

Can I use federal money to pay for this?

Yes. You are paying for a physical education program. TC4HB (Tai Chi 4 Health & Balance) is an Administration on Agingís Title IIID evidence-based program at the minimal level criteria. Remember, you are not buying DVDs. You should submit funding requests for a service (physical education program) not a product/item.

How do I sign up?

Request a free full, length Demo Class.

Or review and print the contract.

Or Contact Us and we'll get you started.

Can I cancel and do I get a refund?

You may cancel at any time for any reason. You will be refunded the remaining balance of your subscription starting with the first full month after written notification of cancellation has been received.

Really? Anything at all.

Yes. When we did our recent effectiveness study, we discovered that the majority of participants had been coming for more than four years.

We know this program works. We are confident that once your participants have been doing it for more than three months they wonít let you cancel it. But we also know funding changes, participantís needs change and care givers have enough troubles without us making it any harder.

I have more questions.

Send us an email through the contact form.