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New Day, New Way

There are two things we all can agree on. One - people need to exercise. Two - there is never enough money for programs.

MAI has teamed up with Heatlhy Program Providers to solve both problems.

Healthy Program Providers is a non-profit dedicating to providing healthy programs to communities in the United States and - even better - a way to pay for them.

MAI (Movement Arts Institute) has teamed with Healthy Program Providers to provide our long running, evidence-based Tai Chi Exercise program - TC4HB By Video to folks enrolled in HPP's Reduced Fee or Pay What You Can (PWYC) programs.

Healthy Program Providers Offers:

Pay What You Can:

Put out a jug, play content and send what you can. Canít collect? You can do any type of fundraising.

Reduced Fee:

For organizations that cannot collect or fund raise we offer the program at over 30% off retail price. Quarterly billing is available.

Who can apply:

Both programs are open to non-profit AND for-profit organizations that offer the program to a group of participants multiple AND regular times per year.

This program is not for individuals or for one-time or non-regular program presentation.

Applicants may be subject to approval by the HPP board.

Obligations to be in the program(s):

You must present the program multiple times per year on a regular schedule. Enough material is provided for new classes twice a week (recommended). You must offer the program at least twice a month.

You will receive surveys/data requests two to four times per year. You must respond in a timely manner. No personal information or identifying medical information will be asked.

Free Demo:

Go to the Healthy Program Providers website to request a free demo and learn more about their programs.