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TC4HB - Tai Chi 4 Health & Balance

          Improve Balance, Reduce Pain, Group Exercise


TC4HB (Tai Chi 4 Health & Balance) is our seniors program. Classes include Tai Chi-based exercises, a seated strength and flexibility section, a form, deep breathing, and Qigong self-massage.

Who is it for?

People over 60 looking to maintain their good health. The class is able to modified for active seniors or people returning from a health issue, injury or physical rehabilitation. The class can be done seated or standing.

Class Format:

      - Meet and Greet Classmates
      - Warm-ups
      - Fundamental Exercises
      - Seated Strength and Flexibility
      - Lesson
      - Form
      - MAI Qigong Deep Breathing Set
      - Qigong self-massage

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