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TC4HB is our Evidence-Based Tai Chi Exercise Program. It includes our TC4Core - Warm Ups, Fundamental Exercises & MAI Deep Breathing - plus our seated strength module and self massage.

Think of TC4HB as Tai Chi without forms. Wait. Isnít Tai Chi a series of long flowing movements called forms? No. Tai Chi is a way of moving that keeps the body healthy and functioning. And there are many ways to skin a cat.

Read more about how the TC4HB program works and what makes it so special HERE.

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Looking for a TC4HB Class?

TC4HB BY VIDEO - Our program delivered to your door - available everywhere, when you want it.
TC4HB LIVE LOCAL - Instructor-led, standardized, evidence-based Tai Chi. Not available everywhere.
TEACH YOUR OWN - Get certified to teach a TC4HB Live Local class.

Want to Learn More?

BENEFITS OF TC4HB - Read the results of our effectiveness study.
TC4HB PROGRAM DETAILS - Read more about how the TC4HB program works.
BENEFITS OF TAI CHI - Read the findings of several major research studies.
AoA's TITLE IIID PROGRAM - TC4HB is approved by the Federal Administration on Aging in their Title IIID program as an evidence-based program at the "minimal level criteria".