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With certification you get:

- Certifed to Teach an Evidence-based Program
- Lesson Plans
- Additional Instructional/Explanatory Materials
- Videos of the Exercises and Lessons
- Support and Updates

Instructor Training

Certification is valid for two years from completion. After two years, an instructor must re-certify with the Update Course.

Certification is offered at MAI locations, seminars in metropolitan locations, and as a distance learning program.


To become a certified Level I TC4HB Instructor you must first:
  - Have a minimum of three years practicing Tai Chi.
  - Demonstrate proficiency in Tai Chi.
  - Interview with a Level III MAI Head Instructor


The course requires 15-20 hours to complete.

 -- 5+ hours are dedicated to the principles of adult education, basics of preparing a lesson plan/course outline, the structure of the Tai Chi 4 Health & Balance program and learning the purpose of the various exercise as they relate to improving health and balance.

 -- 10+ hours will be spent learning the 16 different lesson plans and exercises as well as seeing the program, exercises and adult education principles put into practice.

 -- Demonstrate your ability by performing a Lesson Plan live, on video recording, or video conferencing.

 -- Interview with a Level III MAI Head Instructor where you will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of the material and process.

 -- Sign a pledge stating that you will teach the TC4HB curriculum as designed and abide by the Martial Artists Moral Code. Violation of the pledge will result in loss of certification.

GET TC4HB CERTIFIED: MAI Locations Seminar Distance Learning

Additional levels of certification available. Visit MAI's website for more information.